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Ink & Drink team members, Galen, Josh, and Paul, met each other in Kansas while attending college. Fostering their relationships after graduation led to conversations of adventure and work, and wondering why work couldn’t be their adventure! So the idea to start a business together was formed… revolutionary, we know! Even more revolutionary… young men, wanting to start a business, decide their best option is a clothing company. However, Ink & Drink, being the first DIY t-shirt printing bar in the market, is setting up to be the adventure of a lifetime!! Our team is thrilled to meet our customers who will join us in this journey and hope to share the thrill of something new through custom made apparel printed by YOU!



Equal parts inker and drinker, Galen has done it all. With 7 years as a freelance graphic designer and artist, Galen has been a part of all sorts of creative jobs and projects. When Covid halted the timeline of Ink & Drink in 2020, Galen’s creative passion motivated him to develop his own brand, operating out of an at-home screen-printing studio. He’s also no stranger to the bar, having held multiple jobs as a bartender the past 5 years. A native of Kansas City, he’s excited that Ink & Drink shares a building with Smoking’ Yard BBQ. 



Josh is a Colorado kid… one of the few “born and raised” that you’ll run into in the Denver area these days! He has spent over 6 years in the screen printing industry while promoting a background in graphic design and user experience. he enjoyed his time on the rugby pitch in college. Josh has settled for a little less contact in his activities of late, including but never limited to, golf, snowboarding, art classes, travel, and spending time with his amazing wife, Sadie! She finally convinced him to get a dog, Ginny, who fills the rest of their free time and takes up the remainder of their energy!



Paul is the freest spirited person you will ever meet… if you ever meet him! A novice to the printing and event hosting world, Paul will be more likely to join you in class and buy you a drink than he will be to teach a class! But the team needs him and wouldn’t function properly without the world traveling, adventure seeking, knowledge spouting bada** buddy! Who knows, maybe someday soon, Paul could be a staple in our list of instructors that y’all will see in our shop!


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