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We currently have no classes available. If you’d like to schedule a time to come in and experience Ink & Drink with a friend or group, please call or email us ahead of time.

By joining a class with Ink & Drink, customers are engaging in the basic process of t-shirt screen printing. We set each customer up with the tools and skills to print their very own shirts… Two of them!

Before our customers ready themselves for printing on their shirts, we allow them to choose their t-shirt color, design, ink color, and drink. Once everyone settles in, we’ll provide a brief tutorial to show the process of creating a design, exposing a print-ready screen, registering a print, and pressing ink into garments. Then, customers have the chance to practice printing a design on tote bags and coasters. And, YES, customers take those home as well!


2 Shirts , 1 Tote Bag , 1 Drink

Our full catalogue class offers all the designs in our catalogue for that month (30 total designs) and will be held Wednesday-Friday from 8-10 pm and Saturdays from 2-4 pm, 5-7pm, and 8-10pm. Customers will choose 2 designs from the current catalogue to print on, 2 shirts of their choosing from our available inventory, and they will get to choose the ink color to print. Navigate your way to the Design Catalogue page to preview the designs of the month, featured artist, shirt options, and ink options!

OPEN STUDIO $25 per shirt

Order as the calling comes!

Our open studio classes are more of an open doors, walk-in affair. Held every Sunday and the First Friday of every month, customers can come in for drinks at the bar or purchase a one-on-one session with one of our available instructors. We have 24 print stations, so there will be 24 designs set up with an ink color ready to print. Customers choose the shirt color to match any of the designs available and can print as many shirts as they like. Print 2 shirts and get $5 off the second shirt!


Check out the Design Catalogue page to preview the designs available to choose from in our first classes. You can also see our shirt inventory and ink color options on that page and start thinking of different shirt, ink, and design combinations for when you come in to print your own shirts!

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